Packing can be challenging with seasonal staff prcessing high volumes of produce in compressed time periods. snapPacking gives you powerful tools to meet these challenges.



Combines 20 years industry experience with the latest Web technologies. Use snapPacking from anywhere, on your phone, tablet or PC - hosted on your servers or in the Cloud.

Standards based software

Full support for apple and pear industry standards – from the same team that wrote many of those standards!


Receive submissions of unpacked orchard bins or packed pallets. Full traceability from gatehouse to shipping with support for barcoding throughout.

Track packaging

Track packaging and empty bins - packaging components are automatically consumed during packing.

Storage jobs

Storage jobs track Smartfresh application, CA storage, pre-shipment labelling and any other activity you need to record (and charge for).

High performance labelling

High performance pack labelling with support for scanning cartons to pallets using handheld mobile computers

Quality control

Quality control is fully integrated with inventory for maturity, phytosanitary, grade, and reject sampling.

Pre-shipment blocks

Pre-shipment blocks for special market compliance (Japan, USA).

Shipping orders

Shipping orders for picking with automatic control of market suitability and the NZ Apples and Pears market declaration system.


Automatic generation of invoices with flexible charges based on activities occurring throughout snapPacking.

Partner portals

Grower and trader portals allow self-service and reduce your support burden.